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Stress comes in many disguises and affects people on different levels.

Negative thoughts, poor lifestyle, unsatisfying relationships, pressure from

work, accidents or unresolved trauma, can all contribute to the build up of

stress in our minds and bodies - leading to depression, anxiety and illness.


Stress is cumulative and can only be addressed through learning how to relax both the body and mind. When you truly relax, you enter a state of peace and

calm; your body feels light and your mind goes quiet. This takes practice to learn and cultivate!  Just as stress is cumulative in the bodymind, so is relaxation!


From my extensive training in the mind/body connection, I can help you integrate simple techniques into your everyday life, so you can still get things done - without the added pressure of worry and anxiety!


I feel very privileged to work and live in the beautiful village of Mellor, which is surrounded by picturesque countryside - it offers the ideal location to focus on the body and mind.


I have been a therapist for over 15 years and feel blessed to meet so many people through my work. Each individual brings an exciting journey of new discovery with them.  My ethos is that nobody needs to live in pain, either physically or emotionally.  Everyone has it in them to feel light, loose and free from anxiety and worry.  This doesn't mean that you stop having stressful situations or hard times; it means that when you are faced with difficult challenges you are better equipped to deal with them because you will know that you have the resources right there, inside of you.



For more information or to make an appointment please call Yvonne - 

01254 812412


• Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

 and the Management of Change.

• Certified NLP Practioner

• IIHHT Body Massage Certificate

• NO HANDS Massage Therapist

• MBACP + relevant insurance certificates

• Level 6 Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling Supervision.

. Somatic Movement Coach