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Massage is well known for its relaxation benefits - people often say

when they are stressed ‘I could just do with a massage’ - as they start

to rub their own shoulders or ask someone to do it for them! But did

you know that massage is also a way for you to re-connect and

re-balance your mind and body?


Receiving regular massage can transform your outlook on life and awaken

you to a delightful feeling of lightness and flexibility. People often develop

a better relationship with their bodies and are kinder to themselves as a result. Massage is also excellent for pain relief, where other therapies have often failed.


Traditional massage can be quite painful, which is counterproductive to

the body being able to relax. With my specialised training, I can deliver a personalised, powerful massage that doesn’t hurt -  giving you a feeling of complete relaxation, everytime.


Massage is often seen as a luxury and we often feel guilty about putting our

own needs first - but it is imperative for our wellbeing and happiness to take

time out for complete relaxation.  


Keeping up with regular appointments can be challenging, but making a little

time for just one or two treatments per month, will help you to create and maintain optimum health - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My cosy, home based treatment room is the perfect environment for relaxing in.


Prices: £45.00/hour

Special offers and discounts throughout the year, please ask for details.


For more information or to make an appointment please call Yvonne - 

01254 812412