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Do you suffer from head aches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain?

Do you wake in a morning feeling achy and tired?

Are you constantly on the go and never feel like you have enough time?

Do you have crhronically tight, painful muscles that, no matter what you do

never seem to relax?

Do you often feel anxious or worried?

Do you feel like you are 'getting old' before your time?


If you have answered Yes to any of the above then you may be interested in

exploring how your brain has 'forgotten' how to relax chronically tight muscles that

are often the cause of unexplained pain, tightness, tension and achiness in the body.


With Somatic Education (founded by Thomas Hanah), you will learn how to identify

the tension, tightness and habitual habits that may be causing you pain and

discomfort and learn how to engage the brain (the boss of the Central Nervous

System), in releasing those muscles. This may be due to what is called

Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).


With Somatic movement education you will:

. learn specific movement patterns to increase flexibility

• learn how to bring more relaxation into your life, without making extra time

• discover how stress and tension builds in the mind and body, how to recognise

 it and how to self correct for an easier, more mindful life.

. Learn how the fight and flight response manifests in the body as muscular reflexes

. Feel younger and lighter than you have for years!


Price:  £45.00 for one to one sessions


Classes and workshops run regularly throughout the year - click here for classes





For more information or to make an appointment please call Yvonne - 

01254 812412