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“Therapy Works... Soothes tension in your mind and body - Yvonne’s technique has reduced  my chronic back pain problem and helped me gain a calmer life approach.”  

Hayley, St Annes


“Yvonne. Just like to thank you for the treatments I have received over the last couple  

of weeks. The strains of being a blacksmith, rock drummer and dad has left me feeling wretched. The treatments you gave have made me feel like new and enabled me to go back to my day to day inflictions with a revitalised body and positive mind. I will be

sending my partner soon for some of the same please! Love and best wishes.”  

Daren, Rossendale


“I have been coming to see Yvonne for massages for about a year now.

I had intended only to come for a couple, but i love them too much to give up.

I find Yvonne to be such a respectful, professional and caring person and she has

always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My body, mental well being, soul,

spirit - my whole being feel fed and nurtured by this powerful form of massage and Yvonne’s skill in the hands free massage technique. She is deeply attuned to what is needed and able to channel a  wonderful healing energy in a very safe space. I am

so grateful to her for offering this to me and just wish it was available to everyone -

the world would be a very different, kinder, place I am sure.”

Sue, Preston


"Over the years, therapy through physical touch has always been one that I have sought

to avoid as a result of the ongoing, challenging relationship I have had with my physical body.  In a world of paradox, how apt then that finding this therapy has proved to be a missing experience that I have needed for my own healing process.  My body has literally been crying out for contact in order to reveal to me the deeper truths that it contains.  

During the past year that I have been undertaking No Hands massage with Yvonne

I have always felt safe, acknowledged and beautifully cared for.  Yvonne has a real gift

in the way that she is able to tune in and understand what is needed within a session.

This, in turn, has opened up a whole new way of caring for my self and I now find that I have a lot more gratitude for my physical body than I used to.  No hands massage for

me has, quite simply, become a vital element of living and has helped me to gain more understanding of myself. If you are interested in experiencing deep relaxation and/or have an interest in pursing the mind/body/spirit link, then No Hands massage is definitely for you and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Thank you Yvonne for all that you offer.

Krissy, Preston



For more information or to make an appointment please call Yvonne - 

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