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the reflexes


Thomas Hannah mapped out 3 reflex patterns in the body that are universal

to all living beings -


The R L reflex – The startle reflex


The G L Reflex – the landau reflex


And the trauma reflex which is a response to accidents or injury.



Red Light reflex

Is a protective reflex, it involves making ourselves smaller, contracting the whole front of the body in a protective posture.  It is a posture associated with fear and anxiety.  It is also a posture that is becoming associated with long hours spent at a computer, long hours behind the wheel of a car.It causes problems such as shallow breathing, hip and knee problems, neck pain, tinnitus, TMJ disorder.

It is the posture most associated with old age.


The green light reflex

It is a call to action when there is a need to respond to ongoing demands and stresses, ie meeting deadlines, providing for the family, getting the kids from

a to b, basically trying to juggle modern day life with all that that entails.

This reflex contracts the back muscles and is responsible for conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, neck and shoulder pain and jaw pain.


The trauma reflex

Is a learned reflex in response to accidents and injuries.  It is also an avoidance manoeuvre in which we twist and rotate away in order to escape further injury.

When an accident occurs on one side of the body – you sprain or break an ankle – the waist muscles on the other side tighten in order to lighten the load on the injured

area until everything is healed and back to normal.  The tightened side usually stays tight because it has become habituated into that position causing side bending, rotation in the pelvis, shoulders back and neck and can lead to tight painful hips and knees. Uneven leg length, limping,  tilting the body over to one side or the other and scoliosis of the spine.


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